We understand healthcare and all of its complexities. To serve you properly, we explore every opportunity to find the solution that best benefits your bottom line, not ours. Below are the services that can lead you to the right answers.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Strategic Planning

Whether it’s conducting a strategic plan on your behalf or leading your organization through a strategic planning process, this allows you to identify where your organization is now and where you want to be three years from now. It encompasses marketing research, competitive analysis, market analysis, service line offerings, clinical benchmarking, and other key elements.

The plan outlines what you should do now to maximize current opportunities and what needs to be accomplished to reach your three-year goal. This may involve operational improvements, capital requirements, business development, clinical quality improvements, physician alignment and acquisition, partnerships with other institutions, and an overall business strategy to help you define and reach where you want to be over the long term.

Strategic Planning for Service Lines

This involves a similar process to an organizational strategic plan, but focuses solely on a single service line.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Using an in-depth process that reviews marketing research, competitive analysis, market analysis, service line offerings, and more, we identify what you’re able to market today and in the short term. Based on defined criteria such as highest per-case margins, payer mix, clinical quality, and service differentiation, we develop a go-to-market plan that allows you to begin marketing services that will have a more immediate positive impact.

Clinical, Business, and Marketing Research

We conduct a broad range of research that examines clinical areas such as PSI data and mortality rates; business areas such as market share, P&Ls, and payer mix; and physician alignment analysis and marketing research that looks at both qualitative studies (focus groups, executive interviews, competitive reviews) and quantitative studies (online and phone surveys).

Business Model and Service Line Design

For healthcare systems interested in launching a new service line or business model, we can determine what that will entail, including the necessary physicians and staff, environmental support, service offerings, patient experience, and other crucial elements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can create an evaluation on how socially responsible your organization is by looking at how green your hospital is, how much waste you’re producing, how you’re supporting the uninsured, and other areas.

Brand Development

For some organizations, this may involve development of a new brand complete with logo, architecture, and roll-out. For others, it could be about elevating an existing brand position within the marketplace.

Service Line Communications

From neurosciences and orthopedics to women’s health and bariatrics, we’ve created effective marketing communications that build reputation and grows ROI.

Integrated Marketing

We don’t merely recommend advertising. Our holistic approach to hospital marketing examines marketing across service lines and incorporates internal and external communications, physician liaisons, traditional and social media, mobile, and more.

Digital Strategy and Solutions

Digital solutions are no longer “nice-to-haves” but “must-haves.” Whether you’re trying to reach referring physicians, existing patients or the greater community, we can help you create the appropriate digital strategy to drive your organization forward with solutions that include web-based services, social media, mobile apps, and so on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is one of the essential elements for healthcare marketing. As part of an integrated marketing plan, we work with you to set business goals, define CRM models, data maps, workflow process, and reporting and dashboard structures. We create highly targeted marketing plans based on propensity models incorporating both patient data and purchased consumer data. Then we use behavioral research to bring insight to creative and digital materials—all to drive results. Finally, we find the best CRM software platform to fit your needs to execute the plan.

Internal Communications

We can help you create effective and efficient internal communications that boosts morale, improves workflow, and heightens awareness among employees and physicians.

Hospital & Physician Rankings

Whether it is Best Hospitals or Top Doctors, we can help improve your rankings. We benchmark mortality, patient safety, and reputation; review coding and query processes; apply a reputation algorithm to prioritize service lines for resources and recommended process improvements; and launch reputation-management plans. Results are quantifiable, and dashboards reflect success in achieving high rankings.

Direct-to-Physician Marketing & Liaison Strategy

Physician alignment is crucial. We work with you to purchase inpatient and outpatient physician data, segment the market, and set priorities. This information is populated into a physician relationship management (PRM) tool to track and report efforts. Direct-to-Physician plans include liaison models, communications training, and materials that can be fully executed to drive referral and proceduralist case volumes.

Marketing Audits and Staff Training

We can conduct a needs assessment and gap analysis to ensure you have the right team assembled with efficient and effective processes. We identify redundancies and gaps, then determine how can you improve workflow processes to achieve your marketing and business objectives with leaner resources.

Professional Development and Consumer Education

We can further drive your strategic and marketing initiatives through leadership development to ensure that leadership at every level supports your plans. We serve as executive coaches for board members, the C-suite, and marketing and strategic planning leadership.

Human Resources Development and Marketing

We can work with your HR department to create the right job descriptions for key roles within the organization. In addition, we can develop an internal communications plan that fosters an effective recruitment effort and screens candidates to ensure the right team is hired.

Foundation Development and Marketing

We can create the right plan to enhance your foundation’s fundraising goals. By developing the appropriate marketing approach, you can reach key donors and build planned giving, corporate sponsorship, major gifts, grants, matching gifts, and events fundraising goals.

Sponsorship Valuation, Packaging, and Targeting

Brands, hospital properties, and events have the opportunity to quantify both tangible and intangible elements of sponsorships. Often, the intangible elements are more important—such as emotional resonance and personal value. These are what cultivate target audience loyalty.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Consultation and Implementation

An effective RFP process is critical in ensuring that you engage the right vendors and create an efficient process that will keep your team focused.